Call for Abstracts

Deadline: November 30th, 2018

Notification of prior acceptance: December 14th, 2018

13 proyects will be choosen.


12 of them will get  the opportunity to make the presentation paralel to the principal plenary with the cientific commite and all of the national universities on streamming. The Federation will cover the inscription of the each autor.

The winner will make his presentation in the principal plenary in 1st march, 2019 on the block called “Environmental, Health and sustainable movility: a vision of the future” with expert personalities on the matter. The Federation will cover the airplane tickets, hotel room and meals during the winner stay in Medellin – Colombia.



Abstract Submission Guideline

Abstract Submission Deadline : November 30th, 2018

All authors are required to upload their abstract and complete all the required lines. Please prepare your abstract in MS Word for the submission.

There are some important subjects that all the authors have to consider depending on their projects subjects. We named four (4) possible subjects to the call for abstracts. And it is to get a reference and send the properly abstract to each member of the committee.

The subjects are:

  1. Quality air and Biofuels
  2. Biofuels use and production
  3. Rural development and Biofuels
  4. Climate change and Biofuels

Notification of prior acceptance of the abstract will be sent via e-mail to the corresponding author on December 14th, 2018. The submitted abstract could be accepted or rejected based on technical merits evaluated by peer reviewers.

The accepted abstract might be reassigned to an oral or poster presentation of appropriate topical session at the discretion of program committee.

Format of Abstract Submission (1 page)

Title should be concise and informative enough to facilitate understanding of the abstract. Acronyms should not be in the title.

Authors’ names should preferably be written in full name for all publications to facilitate indexing and avoid ambiguities.

The text should be in 12 point Times New Roman with single spacing (1.0). However, when typing complicated mathematical text it is important to increase the space between text lines in order to prevent sub- and super-script fonts overlapping one another and making your printed matter illegible.

How to submit the abstract:

  • Step 01: Enter to
  • Step 02: Click on “Call for abstract”.
  • Step 03: Click on the below bottom “apply now” and complete all the required lines.
  • Step 04: Remember submit your abstract in PDF and MS Word with the original title of your investigation.
  • Step 05: After your abstract submission, corresponding author will receive the confirmation letter via E-mail.

(Abstract Submission)

* If you have not received the confirmation letter within a days, please feel free to contact us.