About the Conference

Currently, the agribusiness of biofuels in Colombia is growing and, through it, the advance of the Colombian countryside, the generation of employment and being a fundamental contribution for the construction of peace is sought.

Due to the growing environmental awareness, biofuels are strongly positioned as an alternative to contribute to the mitigation of the harmful effects that the use of fossil fuels has had on the environment, both in global warming, by greenhouse gases, as in human health, for a breathable atmosphere that is increasingly contaminated.

Fedebiocombustibleshas the honor of inviting you to its III International Conference on Biofuels to be held on February 28 and March 1, 2019 in the city of Medellin, Colombia; a world-class scenario that has as its slogan “Biofuels: United for better air”, as a gesture of solidarity with this beautiful city so affected by poor air quality and its serious consequences.

Our purpose is to show different points of view in environmental and industrial matters, to offer you, as an assistant and interested in the sector, enriching elements of discussion and debate about the future of biofuels in Colombia and the world.

We will have 3 thematic blocks:

  1. Experiences in superior blends
  2. Market trends of biofuels
  3. Environment, health and mobility as a vision of the future

For this occasion we expect at least 500 people with a large number of international attendees, as well as the interventions of the President of Colombia, ministers, mayor of Medellín and environment secretary of the city, interested in the progress of the country through biofuels and the great contribution that they provide to the environment at a national and international level.

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Marjuryth Ortega Suescún
Administrative Director – Fedebiocombustibles

General Director – III International Conference on Biofuels